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Lunch and dinner possibilities in Fuipiano

There are many possibilities for having lunch and dinner in Fuipiano:

Menus at discounted price are available from Saturday night 9th of June at the Proloco marquee, located at the event centre and also at some local restaurants.

The menu offered by the Proloco is available at the this link.

At the this link it is also possible to find the menu offered at the local restaurants.

If you prefer a pizza, you can go to the Bar Pizzeria Resegone (phone 035-856007), opened both on Saturday evening and on Sunday.

Naturally, reservation is recommended.

More details about Embarged area – Accomodations still available in Fuipiano

We inform all the participants  that it is possible to take an accomodation in Fuipiano town. It is forbidden only to visit the forest or the surrounding grasslands. At the following link it is possible to view tmore details about the embarged area.

If you need more information about the accomodation still available, you can use the following contacts:

Phone Numbers

Pamela +39 3491944315
Antonella +39 3331195296